Atlanta Tree Service

Atlanta Tree Service

Lots more people have been realizing the value of DIY know-how – specially when it comes to maintaining the healthiness of their trees! From planting to mulching and all things in between, people have really beginning to exercise their green thumbs. Yet when it comes to tree -trimming, it is best to use a key pair of tips under your belt before you start wielding those pruning tools; in the end, one wrong move, and you can kiss that beautiful tree good-bye!

Here’s what you should know about successful DIY tree-trimming:

Safety First. Before starting, it is critical to protect yourself from the possible injuries, if you are trimming a smaller tree. Remember to always wear a pair of goggles (this will prevent splinters from engaging in your eyes), thick pruning gloves and a helmet. Additionally, make sure that any ladder you employ is sturdy and firmly rooted on a lawn – otherwise, you might seriously injury yourself in the fall. In the end, your tree-trimming efforts goes to have should you result in a healthcare facility!

The bottom line is Inside the Cut. When trimming, don’t cut the branch too closely to the trunk from the tree; this risky move might backfire, as healthy bark is going to be torn from the lower tree when the limb is taken away. Alternatively, you won’t want to leave excessive dead branch. Hit a cheerful medium by cutting at “the collar” from the branch, that will leave somewhat of a stump.

Know When To Trim. Most landscaping experts and arborists agree you could trim most trees anytime. There are some species of trees along with fruit trees that you may want to trim in the the autumn months, but most trees may be trimmed whenever of year.


Atlanta Tree Service
Don’t Tackle Major Branches. A savvy DIY-er will invariably know when you should get in touch with the experts once the job turns into too big; so if you are considering tackling any major branches yourself, put down the various tools and retreat slowly. Major branches needs to be adopted by professionals, so ask your arborist to deal with these bigger – and more dangerous – tasks.

Whether your tree trimming in Twin Falls Idaho or somewhere else the operation is not that difficult. If you aren’t sure whether it can be done yourself consider employing a certified arborist because the charges are insignificant in comparison to the immediate results.